Advantages of Leasing

Lockridge works with landowners to create mutually beneficial arrangements for billboard and advertisement placement. Through Lockridge Outdoor Advertising lease and purchase programs, many private landowners have been able to generate incredible revenue on their properties with no effort on their part. In addition, Lockridge has an outstanding reputation for paying competitive rates to landowners.

We are constantly looking for current Commercial and Industrial landowners or land developers willing to rezone their properties in order to comply with necessary codes. This allows us to develop new locations and initiate fantastic revenue streams. If you have space on your property that you can dedicate to an advertising structure, feel free to contact us for more details.

Lockridge looks to obtain easements for billboards that are already constructed or for those that are in the building phase. Landowners have potential to make great money upfront through Lockridge easement agreements.

Lockridge easements work in the same manner as those that accompany power lines when being placed on a landowner’s property. In order to secure the easement, we pay a LARGE upfront payment for the right to have the sign on the property indefinitely. This upfront payment replaces the typical yearly lease, but the amount of money that you can quickly raise on your property is remarkable.

For instance, let’s say that you are currently generating $3,600 per year for the sign rental payment. While the money is decent, we would be willing to pay you up to $40,000 in a single lump payment, in exchange for the easement on your property. It would take over a decade to make the same money, and you would receive it all upfront in a single payment.

These easements are a wonderful option if you need quick capital without interfering with your normal daily activities. In addition, if you plan to sell your property soon, this is a great time to perform this transaction. The easement essentially increases your total net sale by the price of the property and the lump sum payment from Lockridge.


We have developed billboards in Utah, Texas, Indiana, Illinois, Idaho, Ohio, Kentucky, Iowa, Alabama, Georgia, New Mexico, California, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Washington, New York, Michigan, Oklahoma, Missippi, Conneticut and Florida. At this time, we’re always aggressively entering new markets throughout the United States.


There are endless means to benefit from Lockridge Outdoor's extensive Outdoor Advertising experience. Represented below is a quick snapshot of the countless ways we currently offer our expertise.

Market Development
Lockridge Outdoor can be commissioned to develop inventory for your plant or even create a new market outside of your current area. Our experience and tactics allow us to travel to many areas of the country, producing new inventory with sound fundamentals along the way. We average thirty-year lease agreements with industry standard leasing programs. Many of our sites come with permanent easement agreements already in place.

Operations Sales and Management
Lockridge has the ability to sell advertising and manage maintenance programs for structures already in existence. Please inquire about our availability to service your needs.

Lockridge Outdoor maintains an interest in billboards assets for sale. We acquire leases across the United States and pursue easements for sale. Please contact us directly if you are interested in selling these products to Lockridge.

Digital Permitting and Construction
If you have contemplated developing digital signs and have found maneuvering the increasingly difficult legislative climate impossible, entrust Lockridge to assist you in creating these unique and extremely versatile outdoor advertising structures for your company. We specialize in developing locations in very harsh municipal areas..


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There are endless means to benefit from Lockridge Outdoor's extensive Outdoor Advertising experience. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.  


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