Lockridge works with landowners to create mutually beneficial arrangements for billboard and advertisement placement. Through Lockridge Outdoor Advertising lease and purchase programs, many private landowners have been able to generate incredible revenue on their properties with no effort on their part. In addition, Lockridge has an outstanding reputation for paying competitive rates to landowners.

We are constantly looking for current Commercial and Industrial landowners or land developers willing to rezone their properties in order to comply with necessary codes. This allows us to develop new locations and initiate fantastic revenue streams. If you have space on your property that you can dedicate to an advertising structure, feel free to contact us for more details.

For nearly 40 years, Lockridge Outdoor has been family owned and operated. While growing from a small operation into a nationwide development company, Lockridge has always maintained a focus on customer service and satisfaction. As we develop new partnerships with landowners, we work hard to accommodate those who have given us the opportunity to do business on their property.

Over the years, Lockridge has helped over 2,000 landowners increase their rental income, while also increasing the overall value of their properties. By collaborating with Lockridge, many landowners are able to make significant improvements to their investments while regularly earning additional money.

Lockridge takes pride in providing a constant, valuable source of income for landowners from year to year.

With property taxes constantly on the rise, this is a TERRIFIC avenue to reduce or help eliminate the tax burden of your property.

As mentioned earlier, partnering with Lockridge helps to increase your property value. Benefits of billboard placement include the illumination of surrounding land and increasing the overall security of your property. This can greatly increase your capital when selling your property.

Lockridge is able to implement and build an advertising structure without interrupting or harming your property’s intended use.

Lockridge also provides incentives for those who agree to longer leases. By consenting to a longer lease, you secure additional money and a guarantee of a steady revenue stream.

Lockridge takes special care when developing and placing each structure. Our goal is to reduce any and all interference with your site operations, and we often offer the landowner placement options. If necessary, we will also arrange all survey and permitting requirements.

We prefer to place the structure (or structures) along or near property lines. This ensures minimal impact on the landowner’s property.

In order to maintain a quality image for our company and our landowner partners, we refrain from advertising tobacco, liquor, or any adult-orientated business or product. We also include a clause in every lease agreement that states competing businesses may not make use of the advertising structure on your property.

The overall impact on your land is minimal. Typical structures are installed on approximately four square feet of your property. That’s roughly the same area as car tire!

The amount of money you receive depends on several factors:

1) Location

2) The amount of traffic that passes by the sign

3) The size of the sign

4) The overall visibility of the advertisement

5) The number of advertisements on the sign

We view each agreement as a partnership and mutual relationship between both parties. We’ll work with you to properly guard your property rights and to meet your payment expectations.

All liability and insurance needed for the sign is handled exclusively by Lockridge. You will never be liable for any damages related to the sign, including installation, maintenance, and removal.

Though Lockridge has been in business for decades, we have never had to file an insurance claim. By combining our experience, attention to detail, and focus on professionalism, you can rest assured that Lockridge will respect your property and outline every precise detail with each project.

 Lockridge structures are safe. Each project must meet the most strict standards and engineering requirements in the industry.

 As one of our partners, we cover all of the costs involved with the advertisement structure. We will cover electrical bills, taxes levied by the sign, insurance, installation, maintenance, permitting, and any other necessary and unforeseen costs


Lockridge looks to obtain easements for billboards that are already constructed or for those that are in the building phase. Landowners have potential to make great money upfront through Lockridge easement agreements.

 Lockridge easements work in the same manner as those that accompany power lines when being placed on a landowner’s property. In order to secure the easement, we pay a LARGE upfront payment for the right to have the sign on the property indefinitely. This upfront payment replaces the typical yearly lease, but the amount of money that you can quickly raise on your property is remarkable.

 For instance, let’s say that you are currently generating $3,600 per year for the sign rental payment. While the money is decent, we would be willing to pay you up to $40,000 in a single lump payment, in exchange for the easement on your property. It would take over a decade to make the same money, and you would receive it all upfront in a single payment.

 These easements are a wonderful option if you need quick capital without interfering with your normal daily activities. In addition, if you plan to sell your property soon, this is a great time to perform this transaction. The easement essentially increases your total net sale by the price of the property and the lump sum payment from Lockridge.

 We are interested in any existing billboard across the country, so contact us directly or speak with your Leasing representative for further information.

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