Over the last 37 years, the Lockridge family has developed over 2,500 billboard nationwide.

Tony Lockridge, the owner of Lockridge Outdoor Advertising LLC is on track to develop over 100 new billboard locations per year. His experience begins at the age of 5, when he was with his father on a swing stage 30’ in the air on a stick-built Wendy’s billboard with a brush in hand. Tony has worked in both On-Premise and Off-Premise signs.

 Tony’s father, Bill Lockridge first got involved in the sign industry in 1970 as a sign painter in all aspects of commercial sign design and installation. His inception into the outdoor advertising industry started as the first sub-contract painter for the Whiteco Advertising Company in 1974 as their first field sign painter servicing large setback 20’x 60’ displays throughout four states surrounding Indiana. This contract began his journey in gaining a complete knowledge of the inner workings of the outdoor industry. From leasing to permitting, advertisement sales, building, and operations, Bill was able to master all areas necessary for inventory plant creation, sales, maintenance, and operations.

 After selling the Indiana billboard plant in 1983, Bill relocated to Florida and became a total development company supporting the needs of numerous outdoor companies. To date, we have developed new inventories for 18 companies, working hand in hand to provide great locations coupled with strong industry experience.

We have developed billboards in Utah, Indiana, Illinois, Idaho, Ohio, Kentucky, Iowa, Alabama, Georgia, New Mexico, California, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Washington, New York, Connecticut, Michigan, and Florida. At this time, we’re always aggressively entering new markets throughout the United States. 

Lockridge completed its largest market development project through the State of Oregon. Within 8 months, Lockridge leased, permitted, and helped fully erect 117 signs from start to finish. This unprecedented feat is a clear indication of the company’s development experience and current ability to handle large and numerous projects. Through dedication, superior service, and a long-standing reputation for quality, Lockridge will continue its quest of leading the United States as the largest independent Outdoor Advertising Development Company.

In the most recent market development, we located and permitted 20 new digital sign locations for a growing outdoor advertising client, increasing their yearly billing over one million dollars.