One of the most difficult markets in the west to develop new inventory was once believed to be Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Lockridge was commissioned to develop the region for a very large Radio company.  Able to erect 26 signs throughout the city, Lockridge successfully created a new market for the area of 10x30 advertising displays.   

Lockridge Outdoor was able to erect 4 new large format displays along Interstate 57 ad Interstate 94.  Many of these were 20x60 with heights ranging from 60-100'.

Lockridge after a successful negotiation with a city south of Atlanta on I-75 was able to erect 4 double-face 14x48 trivision signs.  These signs increased revenue for the cities business and helped assist the traveling public to locate needed services including lodging, gas and restaurants.

Lockridge leased over 50 signs throughout the Salt Lake valley area.  These signs used by the local communities businesses have helped fill in missing and much needed advertising space.

Lockridge, within the last year, succesfully developed over 120 new billboard signs throughout the major markets in Oregon.  Able to create many new bulletins, posters, and various other size configurations creating new markets and inventory.

This was a major undertaking considering the time.  Never in the history of outdoor has a company, leased, permitted, and had erected this many signs at one time.  Lockridge over the last 7 years has refined its operations and is on track to develop 300-400 new signs per year. 

In 2016 and 2017 Lockridge was hired to develop LED billbards thoughout the state.  So far, Lockridge has developed over 20 Leds faces with many more to come.